Best Elliptical Machine Reviews and Comparisons

You’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands and models of elliptical machines in the market today. To ensure that you end up with the best buy for your investment, always update yourself on the latest elliptical reviews. Here are some features of the bestselling ones.

Best Economy Elliptical

Icon Health and Fitness manufactures Proform ellipticals, which are known for their affordability and efficiency. In most elliptical reviews, you’ll find that the Proform 20.0 fares well in all aspects, with the most notable advantage being its price.

At approximately $650, this elliptical has features that you would normally only find in high-priced machines. One great feature is its built-in speakers. You can simply plug in your iPod or any compatible MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite tunes while working out.

Apart from this, the Proform 20.0 also fares well in elliptical reviews because of its built-in interactive games. The GameFit program has two motivational interactive games – Calorie Destroyer and Fat Blocker – to keep you entertained while breaking up a sweat.

It has dual game controllers located on Proform 20.0’s elliptical arms. Although you might think this is a tacky marketing ploy to beef up elliptical reviews, it can actually improve your fitness because as you exercise harder, you get to have a greater advantage in the game. What a fantastic way to keep improving your fitness level!

Ellipticals for Smooth Rides

The Smooth CE 3.2 has to live up to its name, and other ellipticals don’t even come close to how smooth a ride this model offers. Smooth boasts of manufacturing the heaviest flywheel in its class. This part is what’s responsible for keeping the elliptical stable while in use.

It offers an 18-inch stride length while you’ll find in other elliptical reviews that 14”-16” is the most you’ll get for same-priced ellipticals. With a bigger stride length, a greater number of muscles are stretched, making your routine more efficient.

It has 12 resistance levels which are less than what higher-priced machines would offer, but they’re satisfactory for beginners. Altering the levels would help you aim for greater resistance as you make progress in your workouts. It has 9 targeted CrossTrainer programs – three of these work on your whole body strength; three on your lower body; and the other three on your upper body. In addition, you’ll get three personal trainer and two heart-rate workouts.

It has a rear drive, and if you believe that having rear or front drive is a matter of preference, you can read about the two pros of the rear drive in various elliptical reviews – first, there are fewer moving parts, which means a smaller likelihood of servicing. Second, as for the machine’s overall elliptical motion, your body is centered with rear drive whereas you would tend to lean forward with a front-drive machine.

Because of the excellent elliptical reviews for this product, plus its impressive service record, the Smooth CE 3.2’s price continues to rise and is at nearly $1,500 as of April 2018.

Mid-range, Outstanding Features

The Sole E95, an improvement on its precursor models E25 and E75, has exceptional quality for a price that’s hovering at about $2,000. It has an exhaustive list of features which you can only find on higher-priced models of other brands, if you can even find them all in one model.

Aside from being listed as one of the most comfortable rides in comprehensive elliptical reviews, the Sole E95 also has an improved ergonomic design that makes working out safer for you.

For instance, it has adjustable foot pedals so that you can customize the angle at which you’ll be positioning your feet during exercise. This seemingly simple but ingenious innovation reduces wear and tear on your achilles tendon and ankle.

Its molded hand grips have been engineered to give you ultimate comfort and you’ll feel safe due to a generous 400-pound user weight capacity. It has shrouded rear rail guards, too, plus an Eddy current magnetic brake system.

This model has 20 levels of resistance for variety in your workout, a high gear ratio and a 30-pound flywheel, a heart rate chest strap, a comfortable 20-inch elliptical stride, and a console with a 20-character message window capacity. It’s such a worthwhile purchase that Sole can sell it for $500 more and it would still be the elliptical of choice of thousands.