How To Choose The Best Elliptical Machine

When shopping for an elliptical, do not just go for the most expensive unit, thinking that the pricier ones are better. Neither should you opt for the least expensive one, as you may have to keep having it repaired and end up spending more in the long run.

You need to decide your main purpose for buying it, as the best elliptical machine would turn out to be the one that has the features you need – no more, no less. Are you in training for competition? Or are you just trying to keep your heart rate at a healthy level and attempting to shed a few pounds?

Below are three suggestions for what may be the best elliptical machine for you. They each have different features suited for the serious athlete or for a novice exerciser. We all have different needs, and one elliptical can’t be suited for everyone, so take your pick.

Affordable and Practical

Many product reviews have pointed to the Sole E25 as the best elliptical machine for under $2,000. This is manufactured by Sole Fitness, a company that has been around for about two decades now.

Although Sole is not as popular as other brands, it is the preferred brand of Hilton Hotels and holds its own against the bestsellers. It is considered by budget-wise exercises as the best elliptical machine in the market because of the comfort it provides. They use flywheels instead of rollers, and they pffer a large stride length.

You will also benefit from the adjustable foot pedals – a feature that many other machines does not have. Moreover, careful ergonomic designing of the Sole E25 has given it angled footpads, conforming to the natural inward angle of your feet.

There are 16 resistance levels which enable you to build your interval training. This is a welcome feature for a unit at this price point, making it the machine of choice of starters and experts alike. It has a low weight capacity, though, so it may not be the best elliptical machine for people weighing over 250 pounds.

Best Elliptical Machine for Moderate Workouts

The Smooth CE 3.2 is a recommended unit for one who is looking for an elliptical machine that would last a long time and would provide fruitful workouts. It’s principal come-on is the “smoothness” of the ride, owing to the rear-drive design using electromagnetic braking technology.

The pivoting foot pedals also contribute a lot to the ease with which one accomplishes workouts, because the feet are not strained with unnatural and awkward positions.

The CE 3.2 is an improvement on the earlier model, the CE 2.1, which was considered by many to be the best elliptical machine during its time. The console display has basically been upgraded, and at its price range of about $1,500 - $2,000, the manufacturer offers a fair 2-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor.

Another good reason why the Smooth CE 3.2 is the best elliptical machine for many is its built-in heart rate sensor. This is built into the upper handlebars. Most other ellipticals have their sensors built into stationary handlebars, forcing you to stop your upper body workout in order to hold on to the stationary handles just so you could get a reading. This defeats the purpose of measuring the effects of your dual-action workout.

Best Elliptical Machine for the Serious Athlete

If you’re into competitive sports and are looking for the best elliptical machine that could support you through your preogress, the Precor EFX 5.171 is considered the most appropriate choice.

True, its price is heftier at about $2,800, but it has features you would not find in low-end ellipticals. For instance, it has 20 resistance levels to help you progress through your training, plus 4 various programs to keep your routines interesting. Expect your Precor EFX 5.171 to serve you for a long time, as their reliability and durability have been known in exercise circles for more than 20 years.