Weslo Treadmills

This brand of treadmills is known for simplicity and affordability. This review will give you a peek into whether Weslo treadmills are worth their low prices or not.

These are perhaps the lowest-priced treadmills in the market today. They have manuals that go for $100-$200, and their most expensive models cost no more than $500. For prices like these, what exactly can Weslo treadmills offer?

It’s important to note that Weslo treadmills are not for everyone – especially not for people who intend to get on the treadmill very frequently. Their motors are not powerful enough to handle continuous use, and they can’t function with users’ weights of more than 250 pounds.

Their running surfaces are also particulary small. Thus, tall people or those with long strides won’t be able to benefit from a Weslo treadmill. Worse, they may even accidentally fall off it at high speeds.

You also can’t expect durability from Weslo treadmills’ parts. They have weak belts and have simple consoles, although for people who don’t need all the bells and whistles of treadmill monitors, their easy-to-read LCD displays are acceptable.

Taking a look at one of their cheaper models - the Weslo Cardio Stride Plus, which retails for $129 – you’ll find that it does have the features for variation that can add a little variety to workouts. It has a 3-position manual incline, from 13-20%, to satisfy users looking for a little challenge in their routines.

It’s foldable and quite compact, both laid out in full and folded, and Weslo treadmills are generally very unobtrusive in terms of size. The Weslo 50SE is already their “top-of-the line” treadmill, at $500. However, the motor is still small – a 1.3-CHP Impulse Drive Motor – but it has a dual-grip, easy-pulse heart-rate monitor, a 3-year warranty on the motor, and impact-reducing cushioning to protect your joints.

It also has four workout programs built in, focusing on different weight loss, performance, and aerobic goals. You’ll also find a large blue-tinted LCD display on this unit, which you can’t find on other Weslo treadmills. You can easily get your heart rate, speed, distance, pulse, and duration, plus calories burned readings.

For your exercising comfort, these Weslo treadmills also have built-in cooling fans built into their consoles.

The most glaring disadvantage to owning Weslo treadmills are their warranties. Their models cover only 90 days for parts and labor, which we all know is about the time when treadmills usually start breaking down.

To be fair, the manual Weslo treadmills are known to be reliable and durable. They are extremely cheap at $199, which are often put on sale at discounted rates of up to 50%. The Weslo Aerobic Stride 2.0 Manual has two flywheels and comes in a useful SpaceSaver design which makes it apt for small apartments. It is already capable of a 2-position manual incline and can hold up to 250 pounds.

Weslo treadmills may not have all the features you have been reading about, nor can they last as long as the more expensive treadmills, but it seems to be an acceptable beginner’s brand.

It is also manufactured by Icon Health and Fitness, the makers of world-famous fitness equipment brands such as Nordic Track and Proform, so even if they don’t have the impressive features that expensive models have, you’ll still end up with a product that scores satisfactorily on design and service.